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We are a company engaged in the manufacture and maintenance of a wide range of Industrial Equipments used in manufacturing processes and other applications. We serve a wide range of industries and make equipments like Special Purpose Machines, Robotic Arms, Industrial Process Automation systems, Hydraulic Equipments, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Press, Machine Automation etc., to name a few.

Fluctuating market demands and consistent technological advancements are making industrial automation in India a trusted source for control systems used in a broad range of industries. Automation systems and the professionals who maintain these machines are responsible for solving complex aspects of the manufacturing process, all while preserving health, safety, and sustainability. This is why it’s crucial for manufacturers to be vigilant and efficient when choosing the right automated systems for their manufacturing needs.

Today’s manufacturers in numerous industries are gaining rapid increase in productivity by taking advantage of automation technologies. One of these automation technologies, robotics, is a key factor leading the way in the twenty-first century. Firmly established as a critical manufacturing technology, robotics is gaining acceptance by the workforce, garnering praise for its reliability, and being utilized more extensively in medium and small companies.

As manufacturing assembly has grown increasingly complex, the need for new and expanded capabilities, particularly in automated assembly systems, has become evident. As components get smaller, as in micro-manufacturing, it is required that greater precision, more flexibility and higher throughput are achieved. Manual assembly no longer suffices for a great many of manufacturing’s current requirements. Functions formerly performed by humans, especially difficult, dangerous, monotonous, or tedious tasks, are now often assumed by robots or other mechanical devices that can be operated by humans or computers. Robots can take the place of humans in extreme settings or life-threatening situations involving nuclear contaminants, corrosive chemicals, or poisonous fumes. Benefits include reduced capital expenses (you don’t have to buy new fixtures for new applications), floor space requirements, lead-time, component expenses, reduced manpower and training requirements.

Custom Design

From concept to finished product, Mechomatic Engineering Solutions helps businesses turn their ideas into success by creating custom and cost-saving initiatives which provide our customers a competitive advantage in today’s global manufacturing environment.

Technical Expertise

We have well qualified engineers and technicians with industry experience who are always on the lookout for innovative technologies to help our customers with best solutions for their manufacturing processes and other applications which are efficient and cost effective.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best competitive pricing for the products we manufacture without compromising on the quality.

Timely Delivery

We at Mechomatic consider time as the equivalent of money. Keeping this belief in mind we always ensure that the products ordered by our customers are always delivered before the promised deadline.


Our service and expertise make the difference. Our goal is to provide you with a complete solution to your challenging applications.

Quality Products

An integral part of any automated system is quality assurance, both for the benefit of customers and the protection of your personnel and equipment. Our commitment is to work according to the highest industry standards in order to deliver the best quality product. We combine quality products with great customer service and technical support that stands as testimony to our commitment towards our customers and keeps us apart from competition. From the incoming Raw Material to final product, every stage of production is inspected for quality keeping in view the technical parameters laid out by our customers whose satisfaction is our motto.

Training and Support

To keep your business running smoothly, it is imperative that machine downtime is kept to a minimum and all personnel are operating within the same scope of skills. Keeping this in mind we provide in-person and onsite training and troubleshooting for your equipment and arrange specialized training sessions for your team. Also, in case of any operational issues on the equipments we are just a phone call away.


We are a group of expert professionals who specialises and takes great pride in designing and manufacturing of custom made and special purpose:

Meeting your needs from design to delivery:

We partner with our customers to design and build projects that work best for their specific application. A tradition of craftsmanship, engineering excellence, quality control and on-time delivery are included with our products. We will be there for support from start to finish for new, ongoing or completed projects. We work with our customers from the early design phase, application engineering and approvals through production and field support for the life of the product. We partner with our customers to be a full-service supplier, providing technical support whenever and wherever needed.

If you’re looking to get in touch with the best automation companies for your company’s needs, then look no further than Mechomatic Engineering Solutions.

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